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No Heat, FL1 or FLO

  1. Check the settings to see if your spa is in economy mode
  2. If it is not. Remove your filters from the spa, wait a few minutes and see if the error code goes away and the heat light turns on.
  3. If it does not. Turn the breaker off, wait 30 seconds, turn the breaker back on and re-check for error code and heat light
  4. If you still have an error code, call us, we will be there asap!

None of the Components Operate (e.g. Pumps, Lights)

Check the following:

  1. Is there power going to the spa?  Check to see if household circuit breaker tripped.
  2. If it is tripped. Push it all the way to the OFF position then back to the ON position to reset it.
  3. If it is not tripped and the spa still doesn’t appear to have any power then there could be a blown fuse inside the spa. Call us. We will be there as soon as we can.

Pump Does Not Operate but Lights etc. do.

Press the JETS Button:

  1. If you can NOT hear any noise at all contact us. We will be there asap.
  2. If the pump operates but there is no water flows to jets then the pump may have air in it. This can happen after the spa is drained and refilled. Press the JETS 1 button several times, never leaving the motor on for more than 5 to 10 seconds at a time. Turn power off and let the air out by loosening the cap on the diverter valve and/or remove the filter. Make certain you tighten the diverter cap and/or reinstall the filter before turning on spa power and restarting the pump. You can even try a clean toilet plunger or a garden hose to force water down to the pump.

Poor Jet Action

  1. Press the JETS 1 button to make certain the pump #1 is on.
  2. Depress the air control to the “on” position.
  3. Check for dirty filter. Clean, if necessary.
  4. Make sure jets are all the way open.

Water is Too Hot or Temp gauge reads differently than the water actually is

  1. Double check the actual water temperature with a 2nd thermometer. If the water is too hot then reduce the thermostat setting accordingly and call us, we will be there asap!
  2. If the water is still at a comfortable temperature but the readout is inaccurate just call us we will be there asap!

Should checking the above steps fail to correct the problem, please contact us so that we can help you resolve the issue or arrange service for your hot tub.