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Premium Pool and Spa believes that when a complaint is made or concerns are registered, that it provides an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better service.  This policy is intended to ensure that complaints are dealt with properly and in a timely manner, and that all complaints or comments are taken seriously.  This policy is not designed to apportion blame or to be used as a disciplinary tool.

Most complaints and concerns, if dealt with early, openly and honestly, can be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant without a formal complaint process being initiated.  The goal of this policy is to ensure that those making a complaint or expressing a concern are listened to and that their concern/complaint is acted upon promptly and fairly. A complaint shall be deemed to mean any oral or written statement alleging a grievance involving the conduct, business or affairs of Premium Pool and Spa or any employee or representative.


All oral complaints, no matter how seemingly unimportant, will be taken seriously.

Oral complaints should be directed to the store manager.

All contact with the complainant will be polite, courteous and sympathetic.

If the complaint is being made on behalf of a service user (i.e. member of a client’s family), it must be verified that the person has permission to speak on behalf of the service user.  If there is any doubt, it should be assumed that the service user’s permission is needed prior to discussing the complaint.

The store manager, after hearing the complaint, will suggest a course of action to resolve the complaint.

If the suggested resolution is not acceptable to the complainant, then they will be asked to put their complaint in writing to us.

The complaint will then be forwarded to the owner for resolution.  A written resolution will be sent to the complainant.


If an oral or written complaint raises potentially serious matters, legal advice may be sought before responding to the complainant and an internal investigation may be undertaken.  A written response will be sent to the complainant within 28 days.  If the issues are too complex, or the investigation cannot be completed within 28 days, the complainant will be informed of any delays.