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When it comes to hot tub safety and staying safe around all Kelowna pools, in regards to young families, education is key. Water can be fun and entertaining, especially on a hot summer’s day in the Okanagan! We live in a valley that is surrounded by water and it is a big part of our summer to enjoy the water, whether that be in backyard Kelowna pools or at the gorgeous lake we have at our fingertips! But when it comes to young families, water can be dangerous, especially if there is no education on how to keep children safe around water.

But just because you have a hot tub or swimming pool, doesn’t mean you need to be constantly worried and live in fear about the safety of your children. It just means you need to be educated on hot tub safety and pool safety. Here are some good ideas in order to educate yourself about staying safe around water:

  • Teach your children to swim! Very young children can learn how to float on water and swim. It is not something to wait until your children are older. Young children should be exposed to water and encourgaed to actually try to swim! Take swimming lessons!
  • Install the necessary items needed to keep children out of pool or hot tub areas. Acceptable fencing with self closing gates and gate locks would be a fantastic idea. Always make sure that your fencing is maintained so that little ones cannot sneak through ground holes and broken fencing.
  • Never leave your children alone while in the pool or hot tub, not even for a minute.
  • Install a pool alarm. There are various types of pool alarms. Look into them and USE them!
  • Use the locks and clips provided on the lids of your hot tubs. They are not just decoration!!

Living in fear of pool and hot tubs isn’t key to keeping your family safe, education and common sense is. Please watch the video below of safety in and around you hot tub jacuzzi, especially with small children!