2016 J345 Monaco in Silverwood $12,995

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2016 J345 Monaco in Silverwood $12,995

This hot tub has a Monaco acrylic shell and a Silverwood cabinet. It comes with a Stereo, Winter Wrap, Ozone, UV and SmartTop Hard Cover.

There are a couple of areas with discoloration in the acrylic and some weathering of panels but in otherwise great shape.

Featuring ergonomically-designed seating, exclusive PowerPro® Jets and more deep tissue hydromassage options, the J-300™ Collection was designed for comfort.

OpenseatingPremium PowerPro® Jets, including Swedish upper back seats (PowerPro® Therapy Seat), bold lower back jets (MX2), and more deep tissue jets (FX) throughout.

Ergonomically designed seating for comfort, LED lighting for ease of entry and repositionable headrests to perfectly position your body and maximize your hydromassage experience.



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