19 Ft Swimexpert Dual Stream Model

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19 Ft Swimexpert Dual Stream Model

  • Dimensions: 226 x 93 inches
  • Height: 52.75 inches
  • Volume: 2076 US gallons / 7,857 L
  • Weight (Full): 21,317 lbs / 9,672 kgs
  • Weight (Empty): 4,000 lbs / 1,815 kgs
  • Size: 19 ft
  • Hydrotherapy seats: 4
  • Price Range: $$$

The 19 Foot Dual Temperature Dual Stream Swimspa features an exercise spa, built in stairs and an attached 5 person hot tub with 30 jets and separate controls. Set the temperature to 84 degrees in the exercise area for swimming or water aerobics and set the hot tub to 100 degrees for unsurpassed family fun and relaxation. It’s the ultimate combination of exercise and pleasure.

We offer a number of options to customize the spa to meet your specific requirements. Our smooth, even current is fully adjustable in speed from a gentle breaststroke to a racer’s pace. At full speed the swim is identical to a 1:08 hundred yard pace.


Swim Boost Pump Design
Two 5hp SwimBoost Pump
Producing up to 360 Gallons / minute per jet
One 3hp Buoyancy Pump
Located Close to Jets

AquaCurrent Jet Technology
Two Patented AquaCurrent Swim Jets
AquaBlades shred the vortex created by the pump
Wider, Deeper and Smoother current than any other system on the market
Buoyancy jet backlit to light the swim current

WaveRider Current Control
0 -11mph (0 – 18kph)
Allows the user to vary the flow at the touch of a button
Adjustable to the level of the swimmer from Novice to Triathlete
WaveRider Standard on all SwimExperts

SwimChannel Shell Design
No Reflective Wave
Keeps Swimmer in swim lane
Largest unobstructed swim tank
Stabilization Hip Jets


Tier Step
Summer Cover
Cover Remover
Aux Bypass
Swimsync System
Rowing Kit
48” Exercise Bar
Ozone System
Galaxy Lighting


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