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The Phantom Pool is here – and it’s going to make a real splash in your backyard! We all long for time to relax, have fun and enjoy the summer. This year, make time for a morning dip or start the evening off right with a refreshing swim after work. This pool is perfect for poolside get-togethers with family and friends. It is always vacation time when you have an Aqua Leader pool of your own. This salt friendly pool gives you the option, even years down the road, to make the simple switch to a salt system.

With 50 years in the industry, our experience has taught us that although building pools is not difficult, building a pool that lasts a lifetime takes top-notch engineering, uncompromising materials, and the best installation team in the country. An above ground pool differs from the inground and onground styles in the fact that it remains entirely on top of the ground. Typically, these pools are left free-standing or are surrounded by a wooden deck. Sizes typically range from as small as 12” round and can be as large as 19” x 33” Oval.

There are a variety of styles and sizes for the above ground pool. Water depth is dependant on the style selected but can range from 48” to 54” deep. Another consideration for planning your above ground swimming pool is the necessity to acquire a permit for your pool. Every city and town has different requirements and setbacks in place for swimming pools. Above ground swimming pools are the most versatile for non-permanent structures. They are very affordable. Our pools are available in a kit or you can have our experienced crews do the complete installation.


Pool, Liner, Skimmer


Pool Components
6” Steel Top Rail, River Stone Standard Bead Liner

Plumbing Components
Widemouth Skimmer, Return Jet, Jacuzzi 19” Sand Filter, Jacuzzi 1 Hp Pump and Motor, Filter Sand, Plumbing Fittings, 10” High Pressure Pipe, Shut-Off Valves

Additional Components
Resin A/G Deck Ladder, Maintenance Kit, Deluxe Vacuum Equipment, Starter Chemical Package.


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